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All Hammond Clocks
Serial Number - All
A collection of eleven beautiful Hammond clocks.
All working except the large round and square rear clocks and the church style small bakelight clock.

1935? Art Deco Lighted Hammond AD Clock
Serial Number - 1?
A very Cool Art Deco Hammond advertising clock. The advertising sign would be inserted in the lower portion. A little rough, clock motor is not working but a very cool wall hanger.

1952? Hammond Square Wood Clock
Serial Number - 33?
Large square beautiful Hammond Clock, nice shape. Keeps perfect time!
15x15x4", 5 lbs.
NFS Display only

1975? Leslie lighted sign
Serial Number - 1
Appears to be custom built. Many hours must have went into this very attractive Leslie sign. Lighted.
35x18x3", 5 lbs.

1951? US Postal Clock
Serial Number - 4555
Very nice US Postal Hammond Clock, Keeps perfect time.
17" diameter, 4 1/2" deep
NFS Display only

1955? Dealer color changing sign
Serial Number - 12?
The rarest of all the Dealer signs. A very, very cool lighted sign.
Hammond Organ "Music's Most Glorious Voice".
The revolving drum constantly changes the color. Only one I have seen.
dimensions: 25x10x5", 10 lbs.
NFS Display only

1960? Hammond B3 Sign
Serial Number - 2?
A very cool Hammond Organ sign, 25 Years od Leadership. Extruded from plastic. I love the B3 on it!
Dimensions: 16x17x1"
NFS Display only

1965? Dealer Glass Lighted Hammond Sign
Serial Number - 4567
A rare Hammond Dealer lighted Glass Sign. Stunning at night!
Dimensions: 40x15x5", 15 lbs.
NFS Display only

1950's? Hammond Lighted Sign
Serial Number - 2345
A stunning lighted Hammond Organ Most Glorious Voice lighted sign. This is the only one I have ever seen. The sign is thick 1/2" Plexiglas, bottom light with a fluorescent light. Back of the Plexiglas is deeply engraved and painted. The effect is stunning!!
dimensions: 40x20x 4 1/2",
25 lbs.
NFS display only

1950's ? Hammond Neon Dealer sign
Serial Number - 1234
A rare original Hammond Dealer Neon sign. All original! These beautiful neon signs were designed to hang on the inside of the stores front window. The photography does not capture the beautiful blue color.
Stunning!! Dimensions:
47" length x 10" height x 6 1/2" deep. 13 lbs.
NFS Display only

1938? Hammond Dealer Salesman Demo Unit
Serial Number - 1234
A very, very, rare Hammond Organ Dealer salesman demonstrator unit. It is an actual operating unit that the Hammond salesman took to the music stores to secure a Hammond franchise. The cutaway shows how the Hammond organs operate! Very few were produced.
Dimensions: 7" wide x 12 1/2" long x 7 1/2" height, 8 lbs.


1932 Hammond Electric Bridge Table
Serial Number - 4140
Another "most sought after" Hammond collectible.
1932 Hammond Electric Bridge Playing Table. It automatically shuffles and deals the cards. Unreal technology for the time period! Very, Very Rare!
Card pickup rubber need replacing.
With folding legs folded, dimensions: 29" x 29" x 6"; 32 lbs.
NFS Display only

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