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Our Intense Restoration and Servicing Details

Our Hammonds and leslies are restored beyond any other sellers, period!
Why We are #1. in the world for the highest quality and best sounding Hammonds and leslies, anywhere, anyplace, PERIOD!.

NO WHERE ELSE will you find the love and immense man hours detailing, servicing each and every component of all our Hammonds and Leslies.

Service Details for all Hammonds and Leslies


1. Air blow out sequence: Remove back panel on Hammond, all back panels on Leslie. Use high air pressure compressed air. Blow out ever crevease and crack, all keyboards, under the drawbars, in the foot pedal contact area, foot pedals, all felt in the foot pedals, inside guts of the organ cabinet,etc. All insides of the Leslie including motors, horn, amp, and drum.

2. Bring Hammond and Leslie into the shop and place on the elevated air operated work rack.

4. Raise Keyboards using professional side plates to protect the wood finish.:
Replace both upper and lower keyboard felt on each keyboard.


All Hammond felts are old and have hardened with age. This make the action very hard feeling on the downstroke and very noisy when released.
With fresh new felts, the action is wonderful and tight!
Soft to the touch on the downstroke and silent when released, just as when new in the showroom.
This is a labor intense job but is a MUST on every Hammond! Both keyboards must be raised to perform this task.
At this time we also professionally hand polish both black metal Hammond face plates during this procedure.

We also lubricate the preset mechanism and vibrato knob mechanism for like new operation.

6. Hand clean all drawbars, hand polish drawbar ends. Hand polish black frame drawbars assembly. Clean all contacts on drawbars with the correct contact and lube cleaner.

7. Begin cleaning process: Use detergent, scrub each key and drawbar. Hand Polish keys and all drawbars with a professional polishing wheel using the correct polishing compounds. We detail until all keys,presets, and drawbars are back to their original factory Ivory and Black beautiful luster.
Very time consuming.

8. Using fresh Hammond oil, service all oiling areas. Our Hammonds start quickly and run silently, just as they should!

9. Inspect wood for knicks, scratches. Clean, if needed, use matching touch up stain to detail.

10. Raise organ pre amp and air blow tone pot, percussion pot, apply correct cleaning and lubricating product. Blow out volume discs on expession pedal mechanism.
Inspect all components of the pre-amp. Test. This procedure is a must do to bring up to my high standards.

11. Remove all pre-amp tubes and test and replace if needed.

12. Modify the volume percussion drop in the percussion circuit so you have full percussion volume with all drawbars with the percussion engaged. This is a must!

14. The only wiring that deteroiates on a Hammond from aging is the ac power line from the plug-in socket to the main as terminal board mounted on the tonewheel generator assembly.
This is extentension cord material hardens over time.
The rubber covering becomes brittle and cracks easy.
We replace with new high quality heavier guage wire!

15. Pedals: Remove top rear panel on the foot pedals, air blow throughly, adjust all pedal tension springs. Scrub all pedals with detergent. Detail all wood, professionally hand polish black sharp pedals to their original gloss factory black finish.
Check and adjust all end pedal springs, replace if needed.

16. Replace the volume expression pedal rubber matt with a new one.

17. Replace the leslie control cable with a brand new high end pliable cable. The old leslie cables become stiff and crack from age.

18. Replace the old exterior power ac cord with a new pliable one.

19. Test all functions on Hammond.

Check out each note on each drawbar,all presets, all functions of the vibrato sections, all functions of the percussion,etc.
Correct any problem.
Test, check, test, check.

Play the organ for 2 hours giving her a good hard work to make sure everything is 110%.


1. Air blow out all insides of cabinets, motors, guts of Leslie amp. Clean all areas with detergent.

2. Replace upper Idler bearing, replace both lower drum bearings and rubber grommets inserts. Replace upper and lower belts if needed. Remove motors, clean, replace O rings, adjust and lube. Remove driver. cClean old oil off driver spindle and horn bearing with alcohol. Clean horn with detergent.
Apply LESLIE oil to driver bearing and driver. This allows the assembly run very freely and smooth, just like new!

3. Total Rebuild of Leslie amp: Replace all old capacitors with new high end Orange Drop Capacitors. Replace relay if needed.

4. Install all new high end tubes in amp.

5. Check out the strength of the original driver and woofer. If not up to 100%, replace with ORIGINAL parts!

6. Many cloth skirts on the lower drum are either missing or detoriated. All of our leslie have a new cloth skirt or the original one if it is in good shape. The skirt is a must as it cuts down on the wind noise of the swirling drum when in fast,(tremolo), turning operation.

All my Hammonds and Leslies go through this very intense servicing to insure each organ and Leslie are up to 110%!

Our delivery service, stateside, is as good as it gets.

Our organs and Leslies are moved ONLY by our personal professional moving team, (USA Stateside). Hand delivered to inside your living room or church.
Our team sets up the organ and plugs it in ready to play!! The organ is handled with proper professional moving carts designed exclusively for Hammonds.
All pieces, the organ, bench, pedals, leslies, have professional custom fit heavy moving covers to insure NO extra scratches during shipping!

Our Organs and Leslies are 1st class just like our delivery service!

For our overseas clients, we build professional crates that are as strong as possible.
Each piece is wrapped in heavy moving blankets, shrink wrapped, and strong wood framing on every possible corner!
The shipment is fully insured.
I can forward photos of the crating process by request.

We have shipped hundreds of Hammonds with leslies to over 25 overseas countries with NO damage!

95% of overseas shipments are by air but we can secure quotes also by ocean.
We need your complete address to secure current shipping quotesOnce the funds arrive, the crates are built and shipped out. Average delivery time is approx. 2-3 weeks by air, 4-6 weeks by ocean.

Ocean rates run approx. 30% less.

My Hammonds and Leslies KICK! They will outlast out lifetimes.

Enjoy your investment while it appreciates in value.

I have hundreds of very pleased clients throughout all the world, many repeat customers. I can furnish referals upon request.


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