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Photos of restoration procedures

A look at the before and after items as we restore the Hammonds pieces to better than new!

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A before and after look at just a few of our professional restoration procedures.
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The two brass piano hinges on the fall board with screws and all other brass pieces become dull with oxidation for being decades old. We restore these pieces to their original factory satin finish!

The next photos show our intense work on the pedals. All pedals are removed and cleaned professionaly. All screw, nuts, bolts, rivets, and pins are retightened.
The up-stop felts become hard and have a loud thump when the pedals is released. We installed all new fresh soft quiet upstop felts.
Each black pedal riser is professionally polished. New end rubber bumpers installed. The pedal pressure is reset to factory resisitence.
Our pedals look beautiful and play like new:

Next set show the keyboard assembly removed from the case. Front plate removed and upstop new soft felts installed,: under keys, new downstop felts installed. Preset mechanical assembly properly lubricated:

When a organ needs a buss bar job, the 18 buss bar rods are removed, cleaned, lubricated with special buss bar lube and re-installed. Photos show a buss rod before and after cleaning:

Removal of keys for cleaning and professionaly poishing. Key comb replacement if needed:

When needed,removal of keyboard assembly to tech a minor problem:

Cleaning and lubricating the drawbar assembly:

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