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1965 A100
Serial Number - xxxsoon
Coming in, a very nice one owner 1965 A100, never moved from the home since new.
The A100's are the EXACT same as the B3's other than the style of the case. They are a bargain! Pro photos soon.


2013 XK-3C with lelsie
Serial Number - 11084230
Mint XK-3C with lower manual XLK-3, stand, ST-XLK-3 expression pedal EXP-100F with side kick switch. Tied to a vintage 147 Leslie with correct 1147 kit installed. The leslie has the desirable Jensen P15L with a fresh re-cone and the original sweet Jensen v-21 driver with the new sealed bearing for the horn assembly.
From an estate, shows NO evidence of being played!.
VERY powerful and GREAT sounding. This is the best sounding portable on the market tied to a vintage full size leslie to give you the classic vintage B3/Leslie sound.
All Years B3 Hammonds wanted!
Serial Number - Any serial number
We are buying nice B3 Hammonds and leslies for our inventory. Please contact us if you have one available.

1966 B3 with Leslie
Serial Number - 96412
A one owner very nice 1966 B3 and it's original 1966 122 two speed leslie.
Great bite on the highs and percussion!

Sold! Missouri

1962 A100n with leslie
Serial Number - 10772
As nice as you will ever see. A stunning 1962 A100 with a stunning matching 142 two speed leslie,(Same as a 122 but in the shorter wood case).
Great sounding, powerful!
Exact same as a B3 other than the wood case style.
Sold! France.

1962 Cherry Wood B3 with Leslie and Tone cabinet
Serial Number - 85469
A two owner 1958 Cherry Wood B3 with its original matching PR-40 Hammond Tone Cabinet and a 147 two speed Leslie speaker.
Great sounding trio. Good bite on the percussion and highs, big mids and bottom.
A bonus to have the original factory paperwork!
Sold! Austria!

1960 Cherry Wood B3 with Leslie and Tone Cabinet
Serial Number - 82027
1960 B3 with Leslie and tone cabinet
Serial Number - 82027
A lovely one owner 1960 Cherry wood B3 with matching 22H 2 speed leslie speaker and PR-40 Hammond Tone Cabinet.
Magnificent looking. playing and sounding!!

1961 A100 with Leslie
Serial Number - 14244
A good sounding A100 with a 247 2 speed leslie. The 247 is a horizontal version of the 147 leslie. Exact same components and sound, just in a designer cabinet.
The organ has some minor marks but sounds great. Beautiful keyboard! Top of the bench has been refinished. Great price!

1958 B3 with matching leslie and tone cabinet!
Serial Number - 63161
Another wonderful example of the Classic B3! She came from an estate. Very nice looking and in wonderful shape. Matched with a 147 specification two speed leslie and a PR-40 Hammond tone cabinet.
SOLD!! Thanks BILLY JOEL!!!!! yes THAT Billy Joel

1969 B3 with leslie
Serial Number - A-46277
A drop dead mint 1969 B3 with a matching 122 leslie. This is a nice as it gets for the later B3's. One of the hottest sounding rigs I've have had the pleasure of owning. The percussion will make a dog cry! Stunning!
SOLD to Gregg Allman, RIP, Allman Brothers Band!

1971  B3
Serial Number - C155400
A one owner, never moved very nice 1972 B3 with the original matching 122 leslie.
This B3 is like new as it was played very little during its easy life in the living room. Not a mark on the pedals! This B3 and leslie are potent! Very nice shape!! I love the original warranty card on the leslie!
RIP, Gregg Allman
all tone cabinets information
Serial Number - all
Please note: Any Hammond with a Leslie AND a tone cabinet:
The Hammond can be sold with just the Leslie, eliminating the tone cabinet. The tone cabinet will add extra costs in shipping overseas.

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